Information gap 

The practical implementation of integral medical care has to deal with an extensive amount of ifs, ands and buts in the area of organization, finance and law. Apart from that, maybe the most important issue: the mutual exchange of information between allopathic and alternative medicine is still in it’s infancy. Compartmentalization is the norm, although attemps are being made at cooperation.

This entrails that allopathic health care professionals and decisionmakers have too little access to relevant information, particularly on the topic of energy medicine. This does not only entail content and substance, but also questions of cooperation, policy implementation and opportunities for mutual support.

Research and education

The Expertise Centre for Energy Medicine conducts own research, provides education, and is open for commissions.


We have an extensive network of experts with a solid representation of different scientific disciplines. Not only in the field of medicine or social sciences, but also in that of information technology and human resource management for example. Al of our experts have a background in energy medicine or complementary medicine, next to their academic education.

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