The Expertise Centre for Energy Medicine has been created to bring together experts in the area of energy medicine for research, consultancy and education. Energy medicine is a young branch on the science tree. Universities and institutes that undertake serious endeavours in this direction, are still very scarce.

Representatives of very diverse scientific disciplines contribute to energy medicine. Among them are physicists, physicians, psychologists and anthropologists. The more research becomes available, the clearer it becomes that all of these disciplines reveal a piece of this new research area, that deserves it’s own name, even if faculties that carry this name are at the moment vastly underrepresented.

Energy medicine endeavours to explain the self-healing ability of the body and the mind. An ability that can only partly be explained by biomedical science. Increasingly, a more extensive paradigm is being formulated, in which there is room for a broader human experience and a more complete understanding of the human body.